Three Typical Models of Product Manager’s Work

One of the most frequently asked questions is the real significance and meaning of the product manager’s work. Why is it worth adding this person to your company? Let’s explore this issue learn more about it!

Not so long ago we were interested in this issue, since we found an interesting article written by Daniel Demetri, a famous blogger. In his article the author reveals the main idea of such a profession as a product manager, and considers three main types of behavior in this work. Let’s have a look at our extract of this item.

Product Manager Concept: what is it?

According to popular belief, the product manager is often equated with his duties to a project manager – but it is actually a delusion.

The most correct way is to equate the product manager with the business development manager, because he is the person who cares about the fate of the product and helps to develop the most successful and profitable work strategy. To be honest, a good project manager can combine some duties of a product manager, but it is more effective to complement one another.

There are many different approaches to work in which the role of the product manager is realized, and now we are interested to consider three main types of them.

Type 1 – Product Manager who cares about User first

This type of product managers is a real fan of his clients and thinks first of all about their convenience and comfort. He usually arises such questions as ‘why don’t you start working a little bit faster?’ or ‘how our clients understand this or that feature?’. O f course, it is a good tone to be concerned about a client’s well, but sometimes such irrepressible energy can become a drawback for the work of developers. Of course, it is necessary to follow a healthy balance between needs and opportunities – everything is quite achievable with time and experience.

Type 2 – Product Manager who cares about Business first

This approach to work is the opposite of the previous one for the most part. Here the priority is given to the prosperity of the business and the real benefits of interacting with a particular client. Work in this way is preferred and most in demand among the company founders – but sometimes chasing the profit a product manager may forget about client’s opinion and tries to persuade him it’s okay. Here it is important to find the happy medium for both parties, too.

Type 3 – Product Manager who cares about Technology first

This type of product managers is usually a former developer or a specialist with deep technical knowledge. For him the importance is a good technical component of the product, that it was relevant not only at the present time, but could also have support in a few years. Such approach is supposed to be one of the most highly professional ways of product development.

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