Usability Testing in Atypical Fashion

What do you know about a good practice in usability testing? How do find it for your own project? If you want to meet with unusual point of view about this questions, our topic will be useful for you!

Not long ago, we met with a very interesting blog of Joe Cotellese and his one great article that discloses the true purpose of usability testing of products. There we are ready to present you the exact of this perceptive article.

It all started with one akward experiment. There was one project of a scanner of body shapes, and the experience was in the need of making people get naked in order to measure their body parameters through the device. It was very uncomfortable both for developers and probationers to do everything required because of shy and so delicate issue.

Nevertheless, that was a good example for determining the necessary components of usability testing, and now there are some good tips how to make the process of any testing better:

Tip 1. Do not avoid asking people about their opinions

Yes, this tip seems to be quite obvious, but still – don’t be shy to ask people what they think about your product and their comfort using some functions. Believe us, most users like when someone asks their personal point of view and wants to know their expression. You can always wantch some existing data, but remember that you can do your own true survey yourself.

Tip 2. More does not mean better

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Once again, it is all about the statistics. Do not rely heavily on a large number of users – study the question on its quality. Learn and find out for what purposes people use your product, how they accept their remaining (not basic for themselves) functions and how long they plan to use it. Work on quality constantly, uno mas!

Tip 3. A product for people should be tested by people

Certainly, think about the future of your project and the current product. Try to understand, that your product is really created for people to use. And that’s why it’s extremely important to give people the opportunity to test all the convenience of your product. Put yourself in their place and think over everything that might be necessary, interesting or very useful.

To sum up, usability testing is a great way for the development of your business and a good sign for the future successful. Do not ignore this stage of your product work, and everything will be good!


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