3+ Brilliant Tips How to Write User Stories

If you know what an user story is, you also probably would be interested in some useful advice how to create great user stories for your further successful work!

While ago we came across with one interesting article written by a famous blogger, Andrea Saez, where we found a plenty of useful information about user stories, their practical advantages for project development and tips how to create them in a more appropriate way.

User stories as a way of requirements planning

First of all, it is necessary to determine, what do user stories mean for your work. The basis of user stories is to identify the real needs of the user and even predict his desires and motivations of any action committed with the program or application. If you suppose it is an important thing to create, you can really begin to do it and follow the plan.

Step 1. Ask yourself such questions:

  • What does my user want to do (in a particular situation)?
  • What is the goal of my user?
  • Why is this the goal of my user? Why does he want it?

That’s enough for now. It is a good tone to begin your story.

Step 2.  Think about the criteria of acceptance

It means that you should make some predictions about the real effectiveness of your written user stories. Try to imagine, how your user story could manage with all the requirements of your potential user. If you are sure with such position as ‘user wants to do X and he finally gets his X’ – your user stories can be successful!

Step 3. Involve the whole team into user stories writing

Of course, it can be difficult to ensure every team member in doing it, but anyway, we would like to recommend it for your. It is worth trying because every single preson has his own opinion and vision of any particular thing, so it would be really useful to collect many ideas and thoughts in accordance with your project and make up a great user story all together.



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