5 Ways to Use Technology for Productivity

Do you always have positive associations when listening to the words “technology” and “productivity”? Lately, the word technology alone is usually enough to conjure the negative images of the modern world.

Actually, technology (when not used strategically) does sometimes have the potential to cause distractions or create confusion. However, it is also an invaluable and incredibly beneficial component of any modern business.

Not all technology is created equal, and not every business has the same technology needs. However, the author of the article on Scoro.com identifies 5 options for increasing productivity through technology. Here they are:

  1. Create and manage a simple plan

Professional projects are often at the risk of being derailed unnecessarily. Fortunately, technology can significantly help alleviate some of these issues. Greater connectivity and communication, the ability to share information about budgets and timelines, and regular progress updates are some of the many ways project management technology provides an easy, efficient way to monitor progress and make sure projects are going as planned.

When information about the project can be easily accessed in one place, then everyone can focus a little less on the logistics and more on the project itself.

  1. Do not be behind the times

When it comes to time management, we try to use everything – from physical time clocks or sheets to giant whiteboard calendars with everyone’s weekly schedule.

Technology can help to get a better way to do it. Using software that allows for scheduling and workload planning alleviates the headache of accidentally overbooking anyone and streamlines the process of assigning responsibilities and logging hours.

  1. Incorporating a financial management software

It’s also a beneficial step to allow technology to come to your aid in financial management. Keeping up with invoices, handling multiple budgets, and managing price lists can be challenging, and handling all these various responsibilities through different platforms only adds to the confusion and increases the likelihood of making a costly error.

Instead, consolidating all these tasks in one place can help ensure accuracy and save time.

  1. Focusing on a customer

Regardless of the line of work you are in, chances are good you have clients who are at the center of everything you do. You should always think about how to keep your customers happy. Fortunately, this is easier with technology.

CRM software can help you keep track of your company’s client, their information, and your communication with them. When you integrate with a full-featured marketing automation tool, you can send the right kinds of communications to the right people, every time.

  1. All it in one place

Increasing productivity through technology is about ease of use, all-in-one access, and efficiency. Having immediate access to all the information you need during a meeting or conference call can help save time and keep you prepared. With most apps, notifications can also be enabled so everyone can keep up with any changes happening with projects or deadlines.

Business technology is constantly changing, so it is important to find the right fit for your organization, but there is almost certainly something out there that can help you increase productivity.

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