3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Project Managers

We often come across with many articles about the best practices in project management, but we can hardly find some useful tips on what decisions should not be taken. Let’s consider this issue in details!

Recently we found a great and informative article where the author emphasized the importance of the right and proper management philosophy. Today we have composed our extract of this article and share the most common mistakes that project managers can make during their work.


Mistake 1 – A lack of general meetings

Actually, it is a great problem for a team where there are members who are not aware of the real purpose of the project. It is mostly the fault of the project manager who did not initiate the meeting that would help specialists to know and feel their roles in the project development process. In future, such mistake may cause many related problems with internal communication, cross-collaboration and other aspects of the entire workflow. Therefore, it is critical for a project manager to hold the initial general meeting and other weekly or even daily meetings with the development team in order to discuss the current project status and some important issues.


Mistake 2 – A lack of work simplification

Certainly, many project managers believe that it does not have to simplify the entire work for developers and other specialists. That is, every person is able to understand independently how to do his work. In fact, it is crucial for a project manager to break down the project work structure into more simple parts. Moreover, it is a good tone for a project manager to hold a proper task prioritization in order to make the entire project development process more logical and consistent.


Mistake 3 – A lack of team care

It is one more important aspect of the project management work – every leader should always remember to take care of his team. A good project manager respects the individuality of every team member, the speed of the team’s work and their essential needs during the workflow. Team management is a key part of every project manager’s work, and it is forbidden to ignore some human factors.


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