3 Great Books for Project Managers to read in 2019

It is never enough time for reading – but it definitely should be. Today we would like to present you the interesting and hot from the oven project management books!

We are glad to meet you with our top list of three most informative and attractive books of 2016-2018 publishing years, that we have found in this Medium article. All these books would be interesting not only for project managers but also for all specialists involved in the project management process.


Book #1 – Lean the Bible: 7 Manuscripts (written by Harry Altman)


Year: 2017

Here you can see one of the most profitable and demand collections in the entire project management book world! Indeed, there are seven incredible materials that can provide an absolutely clear vision of the work in accordance with Lean and Agile methodologies. In this composition, you can find such books as Lean Startup, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Analytics, Lean Enterprise, Kanban, Scrum and Agile Project Management. It is definitely worth reading and practicing in real business – it will work!


Book #2 – Project Management Case Studies (written by Harold Kerzner)


Year: 2017

If it refers to the real business practice in project management, it is necessary to pay attention to this book! Its fifth updated edition contains more than one hundred greatest business cases, techniques, practices and examples of successful and failed projects. This book shows the real situation of the work of project managers and demonstrates different shades of its difficult but very interesting routine.


Book #3 – Accidental Project Manager (written by Ray Frohnhoefer)


Year: 2018

There is an unusual presentation of the material of this book – there we can see a clear comparison of the work of the project manager with a superhero. It is true to a point: a typical project manager should be able to do the whole work what usually implies the necessity to help others (his colleagues, team members, investors. etc.). This book is really interesting and easy to read – try it!

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