7+ Unbelievable Facts About Project Management

Sometimes we come across with such facts that quite hard to believe, but as it is said, nothing is impossible. Today we want to share the most incredible facts about global project management!

Recently we have found this quite fresh article where there are many strange but proven facts about some global statistics and research in project management. Every fact is provided with its verified link (for the period from 2016 to present days), so the reliable information is guaranteed!


Fact 1 – Every $1 billion of investment in the USA contains about $122 million of the wasted expenditure that was lost because of lack of the project’s effectiveness. 
the PMI website


Fact 2 – More than three-fourths of the entire amount of world businessmen and CEOs are sure that their current projects are doomed to failure.
Link: Geneca blog


Fact 3 – More than a half of the whole number of PM companies do not exist more than three years and go down in flames!
Link: KeyedIN blog


Fact 4 – 80% of top managers in project management have no notion of the fact how their projects can meet the essential strategy of the company.
Link: Changepoint blog 


Fact 5 – Work more to earn more: this principle is great for big productive companies – they complete almost 90% of their projects, while typical companies with middle or low load performance complete only one-third of the whole amount of their projects.
Link: Survey of PMI.org


Fact 6 – There are about 55% of the total amount of project managers in the world that have their professional certificates.
Link: Wrike resource


Fact 7 – Project managers have their ‘dolce vita’: the average the U.S. salary for project managers is more than $ 90,000 per year.
Link: Glassdoor statistics


Bonus fact: there are more than 35% of the total amount of world IT projects that have not any basis!
Link: Wellington Anniversary Survey

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