4 Signs That Tell Project Management Is Not For You

There are many necessary steps for every specialist who wants to achieve a certain advancement in personal career. But sometimes it happens when a person has become the professional he wanted to be, but he suddenly realized it is not for him. How is it possible to understand it earlier?

Recently we come across with one interesting article with video material, where we have learned many useful facts about the situation when it is clear to realize that the sphere of project management is not your variant. In our extract, we would like to list some of the most significant signs of it – read it definitely!


Sign №1. Your communication skills are about nothing

Almost everyone knows that the job of a project manager implies the necessity to have a plenty of communication with many specialists. The development team, top managers, stakeholders, customers and other persons involved in the project creation process – all of them are the point of collaborative work and constant conversation with a project manager. So if you feel that you are not ready to spend at least half of your working day for talks, or if you feel that you can not be a good persuader – it is better not to plunge into it.


Sign №2. You do not mix well with people

It is one more essential point of the work in the project management industry. If you like to work alone and if you can not concentrate your attention on your work in turmoil and among the crowd of people, you would probably have some difficulties working as a project manager. This position welcomes the love to work together and to cooperate with each other fluently, indeed.


Sign №3. You are not fond of managing people

Probably, it looks too obvious, but you should listen to yourself and your preferences carefully. If you do not enjoy the process of making up the assignments, the distribution of them among specialists and control over their implementation, it means that you are not a real manager. It is better to determine your ability to manage not only your personal work but also the workflow of the entire work.


Sign №4. You are more an executor, not a planner

As a rule, a typical project manager should be ready to make proper planning of the work on the project. So you feel that you prefer the process of working and you do not like to be distracted by the process of careful planning of your own work and the tasks of other team members, project management is not the work of your dream.

Nevertheless, all of these signs are just the signs – you can break your doubts and join the world of project management – the most important thing is your cherished wish!

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