Which is the Best Bug Tracker?

A bug tracker is a tool that helps IT teams to find and record bugs in their software.

Bugs and issues are an integral part of any project. Available bug trackers give teams a single view of all the tasks they have. They assist to prioritize against the big picture goals while delivering value to the clients.

What to choose?

Everhour.com blog in the post recommends the list of the following bug trackers:


It is a popular repository hosting service and a tool for collaboration and project management.

A typical issue on GitHub contains a title and a description. It has a color-coded label that helps categorize the issue. Milestones help connect and organize issues into project phases. The issue can be assigned to one or multiple assignees. Team members can comment on each issue to get feedback from each other and share thoughts.


This team collaboration tool can be also used as a bug tracker software. It’s easy to operate, flexible and has a nice design. It really takes a few minutes to set up Trello to be your bug tracker.


This service helps turn client feedback into actionable tasks. Customers report issues by making annotations from the site. And BugHerd turns these into bug reports which you can use to fix the problem.


The working principle is quite similar to BugHerd – your clients and colleagues can leave feedback on a website or an image file. Here again, every new comment has a screenshot and additional meta information recorded automatically.


FogBugz is a tool for task management, document collaboration, customer support, and Agile development.

With its help, you may: subscribe to tasks to get notifications, visualize work issues and get reports, use search filters, perform issue editing, customize workflows, and so on. FogBugz bug tracker also offers time tracking, burndown charts and progress bars. But, you will have to pay extra cash for any such add-on features.


Jira is one of the most popular tools ever and it is meant for the whole team to plan, track, and release great software.

The service allows to work with Scrum and Kanban, plan Sprints and prioritize the backlog, customize the workflow, integrate developer tools and many more.

Jira does a great job of balancing usability and power. Still, according to them, the process of adding and managing the issues remains very simple. This is a great advantage that Jira has over many other bug tracking tools.

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