Why is Agility an Important Value for Product Management?

Product Managers conscientiously try to move companies toward a more Agile approach to product development. However, the stakeholders often do not see the value in the shift. 

The fact is – every single day markets and customers move fast and have more options available to them to solve their problems. That is why the old ways of product development are dying.

So why is it so important to maintain and develop agility?

Let’s turn to the version described on Сleverpm.com blog. Here’re the highlights:

Agility saves time

Rather than wasting time, writing deep technical requirements, we begin with defining the problems that must be solved. Then we define the new features, establish functional components every single iteration and so on.

It means that we can push code out to our field, stakeholders and our customers or anyone that we want — and get immediate feedback.

We focus on getting something done now that we can improve. And it saves time.

Agility saves money

Being agile in product management also means saving money. We can have a lean set of developers who are able to take on the thing that matters most.

We always work on the thing that’s most important, that people believe in. It saves money and drives revenue.

 Agility ensures ROI

The “right” approach of Agile product development ensures that everything we’re working on should be a clearly-defined and well-understood problem.

A strongly Agile process mitigates risks and ensures that every piece of work that we’re doing has the highest ROI possible.  Otherwise, we don’t do it. We invest in the right things and at the right time.

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