Developers vs Marketers: How Should PM Act to Balance Their Communication?

Is it always easy to find mutual understanding between developers and marketers? One of the objectives of a product manager is ensuring stable communication, transparency and mutual respect within the team.

The article published by claims that developers’ misconceptions about what marketing people do are still very much alive.

The fact is: developers can’t earn a living without the marketing team and the other way around.

For many developers, marketers are annoying dudes with unreasonable requests.

The author proposes 6 things about marketers that should make developers believe them and work together and amicably. Here they are:

Marketers care about growth

Growth is not measured in bytes or lines of code. It’s measured in users and dollars and users. Everyone understands how important it is. They care about benefits and user experience.

Marketers test because they don’t always know

They try to improve the product to make users happier.

By simply looking at features it’s almost impossible for them to realize how it can be improved. That’s why they need some help and tips.

Marketers need analytics

They base their decisions on data. However, when they don’t have it they have to go with intuition. That’s why they need more data. It’s the only way they can move towards a data-driven culture.

Marketers test and learn

Their goal is to make the company accelerate at warp speeds. They can’t take even a single step toward that without the engineers. With every mistake and with every fail, they learn.

Marketers do not need the details

They do not care about the latest coding technologies. If they ask for a new feature or for any change, they need to understand the repercussions of implementing it. And that’s it.

Marketers love what you do

They often don’t say it but they really do. They wish they could build great things like you, that users love.

So let them stick to what they know best.

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