All About SaaS Product Tour Trends: How to Onboard Like a Pro?

It seems like there is no ideal way to create a product tour. It is really contextual. When it comes to the onboarding experience, there’s no absolute right or wrong decisions.

A well-designed product tour can improve sales conversion, decrease user retention and minimize bounce rates.

The author of the post on Invisionapp blog and his team have analyzed dozens of product tours and defined the relevant trends that will rock in the nearest future. This insightful info will be useful for product managers, business owners, marketers, designers and everyone who cares. So here the main points:

The main product tour trends for 2018:

  • Minimalism and simplicity. Try to articulate and explain the essential things, avoiding information overload.
  • Brevity. Nowadays potential users and customers want to get the product tour as quickly as possible. Use bars and checklists to help them control timing.
  • Multiple UI patterns. Using toolboxes, modals, hotspots, and coach marks will assist to create the most relevant experience for a visitor.
  • Interactivity. Onboarding based on persona is becoming more popular. It helps customize UX to users needs and requests.
  • Simple design. It’s about a minimalistic style that prevails Bold colors being the most popular.
  • Visual approach. Today it’s crucial to make a product tour look attractive and engaging. Visual animation and videos are becoming more popular.

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