How to Feel the Difference Between Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager?

It is hard to imagine that there are lots of people who know all the aspects of such positions as a product manager and a product marketing manager. Both of them are important in product development, so it is definitely worth to learn more about it.

Today we would like to present you our extract of the article where the author talks about these professional roles in the product management and their main activities and responsibilities.

Product Manager’s routine duties

Let’s start with a more familiar position called product manager or PM in short. Product manager is the person who is fully accountable for everything that is related to the product. This  cares about the following things:

  • premeditation of a high-quality and verified idea of the product and its demanded functionality
  • development of a successful and effective working strategy with marketing and technology analysis, product analytics and other necessary researches
  • work with prioritization of tasks and features of the product
  • creating a financially successful business model of the future product with the calculation of possible risks
  • constant and reliable communication with stakeholders (partners, investors, a direct customer), as well as with members of the development team

Product Marketing Manager’s (PMM) regular responsibilities

This person is considered to be a kind of business marketing coach who is ready to teach other specialists how to make a product more acceptable, desired and demand at relevant markets. PPM executes the following:

  • the development of practices and techniques for a successful future of the product
  • work on attracting new clients and collaborative partners
  • achievement of marketing goals and following the business plan
  • holding meetings and professional trainings to encourage other specialists to make a proper promotion of the product

To sum up, it is better to say that a product manager is a product holder and the person who wants the product company to be successful. And a product marketing manager is a product promoter who wants the product to be demand and profitable. Both of these positions are the key persons in the business process and are united in a great duet for every company!

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