How to Create a Technology Roadmap? 5 easy steps for PMs

A technology roadmap is a special technique of planning and implementing a large project that requires specific solutions.

The concept and approach may include a plan for achieving various goals, developing strategies to improve current work and creating new, more appropriate technical solutions for a particular project.

How to create a tech roadmap? We’ve found the answer reading the article posted by Let’s dive into the extracts.

Usually, the technology is divided into three main phases:

  • Preliminary phase with determining the basic needs of the project, forming a team and concluding an agreement with investors, and also there is a certain calculation of the further scope of the project.
  • Development phase with the planning of the main technical requirements of the project and the proposed solutions and the formation of the entire technology roadmap with its direct report.
  • Postliminary phase with the approval of the current technology roadmap and the further addition of some changes related to the used technologies or the change in the development team composition.

Here are the tips on how to create your own technology roadmap:

Objectives definition

It seems that it is quite simple to set the goals of the project. But strangely enough, this step can make people stumble and choose the wrong path.

Gather the whole team, determine your authorities and levels of skills in the planned project area. Share tips and recommendations with each other. Remember that before the start of the work your team should be fully armed.

Looking ahead adulty

You should care about the future. Success in finding a business investor, who can cover the costs of designing only the primary part of the project, can be rather questionable.

When approving the technology that will be the basis of your project, ask yourself the question – will it be prospective in the next 3 or 5 years? If you have some reservations about it, try to study the issue of technical solutions better and choose the most promising and supported by the majority variant.

Meet your needs and feel costs

Here you determine the basic requirements for the project and calculate the main costs. All these data are necessary for customers in a greater degree: for development, it is more important to keep track of problems that may increase the costs and therefore the development time.

Self-control and control from above

The formation of strict checklists and the appointment of a person who monitors the performance of all work is useful for the implementation of work on the project.

The monitoring of technology roadmap execution is good because each of the team members involved in the work can see the real effectiveness of his own work and will be able to understand what is worth improving; feedback from the side is just as important as your own assessment of your work.

The power of technical tools for technology roadmap creation

The technology roadmap requires its visual representation and a concise visualization of the basic steps.

You can find a great solution used for creating technology roadmaps in

Here you have the possibility to create your plan for any project implementation, choose the appropriate forms and determine checklists, time frames and other necessary components of your work.

Tech roadmap in

If you have your own experience of successfully implementing technology roadmap into your work, feel free to share it.

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